Jesus Cross Open Book Embosser Seal Stamp

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  • WHAT IS A BOOK EMBOSSER STAMP: The embosser is a stamp composed of a upper and lower stamps engraved with sophisticated steel plates. The stencil shelf is made of stainless steel, and the stamp mold is made of copper sheets. The stamp is processed by precision carving technology, and the stamp is clear and durable. The steel stamp is composed of three parts: copper mold, clip and shelf
  • HOW IT WORKS: The template is made of yin and yang copper sheets closed up and down. The upper part of the steel stamp is a concave mold and the lower part is a convex mold. Because the impression it covers is difficult to imitate, it has a certain anti-counterfeiting function, the imprint will never disappear, image and authority
  • APPLICATIONS: Can be used in favorite books, calligraphy, as a permanent collection. Also the essential part of your stationery. Proper to be used for wedding, private signature, anti-counterfeiting, letter paper, envelope, invitations, business activities. Even can make prints on the napkings and aluminum foil to leave a beautiful design
  • 3D EFFECT IMPRINTS: This embosser will give a crunch & great quality impressions, with 3D touch effect, long life & clear and will never disappear
  • HAND HELD STYLE WITH BOX EASY TO TAKE: The embossing stamp with a stainless steel shelf to hold the copper mold, easy to make imprints by hand. And the mini plastic box make it easy to storage and take
Jesus Cross Open Book Embosser Seal Stamp
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