If you have a YouTube or TikTok channel about card making or papercrafts, welcome to contact us to get the chance!

Cooperation Policy

1. Basic Qualification

1. Your Youtube Channel should have over 100 subscribers.

2. Videos posted on your channel have more than 100 views.

If you meet both of these conditions, you can get our products for free.
If you only meet the first condition and you have purchased our products, you have a chance to get our coupon.

2. Make videos for us with our products and post them on your channel.

You should make videos within 30 days after you receive the items, and publish them on your youtube channel one per week.

When you publish the videos, please add this information:

1. Add Globleland in the title.

2. Add the Globleland homepage link: https://www.globleland.com/  in the description below.

3. Add the Globleland product links in the description.

3. Please send the video links to us once you publish the videos.

If you would like to apply for this program, you can send an email to services@globleland.com !


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