Photo scrapbooks often contain photos, various photo corners and information symbols, newspaper clippings, letters and other information about who is in the photo or when it was taken.

        As a scrapbooking lover, I want to share this warm little story with you.

        The girl is very lucky. She grew up in a happy family, and her neighborhood is harmonious. From toddler to adolescence, there is always a person in the girl’s life. That is the boy of the neighbor's house.

        They went to school, went to the amusement park, and flew kites together. They did a lot of  things together. Naturally, the ignorant girl began to fall in love with the boy, dreaming of never being separated.

        However, before the girl showed the boy what she wanted , the boy suddenly said that he was going to move to another city. So they separated.

        The girl missed the person who chatted and played games together, and missed the person who went to school together. Therefore, she made a scrapbook, collected the boy's photos, letters and so on, to express her hidden love and longing. In addition to the girl’s private and secret longings, this scrapbook also has a variety of colors and styles of patterns, are made of cutting dies and silicone stamp. Hence, it’s a special and meaning scrapbook.

        A few years later, the boy and the girl met again. This time, the girl seized the opportunity and seized her love. The boy saw the scrapbook and was deeply moved by the girl’s love. That scrapbook with memories is a testimony of their love.

        The protagonist of this story is me, and the boy has become my husband. Because of this experience, I became a scrapbooking lover. At my husband's suggestion, I set up this online shop, named “Globleland”, to express the theme of love-wherever you are, love will always exist, which means that love never goes away.

        Scrapbooking is like a visual diary, capturing all your creativity, thoughts, emotions and memories.

Wherever or whenever you are,
There must be someone like scrapbooking.
Record the memories on each sheet,
Accumulate the unforgettable stories of life,
The scrapbook never goes out of date.


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