3Pcs Sealing Wax Spoon Kit

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  • WAX SEAL SPOON SIZE: about 1.18"/30mm wide, 4.7"/121mm long, 0.6"/15.3mm thick. Package includes: Melting Spoon for Sealing Stamp x 3 (waxes NOT included).
  • SEALING WAX SPOON MATERIAL: The spoon is made of solid copper or stainless steel, with sturdy wooden handle, which helps avoid burn on finger.
  • EASY TO USE: Wax sealing spoon is a must-have item for any sealing aficionado, it features a modern, elegant shape and never break, bend or rust, just put a lot wax beads in it one time, then make as many wax seals as you want.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Perfect for sealing craft projects, sealing wine, tea or cosmetics packaging, envelopes, parcels, wedding party invitations, wine package etc.
  • CONVENIENT ACCESSORY:Use a wax spoon to melt the wax, which will make your wax sealing project easier and more effective, especially for mass manufacturing wax seals. Wax spoon is an ideal accessory for melting the sealing wax on a flame or burner.
3Pcs Sealing Wax Spoon Kit
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