Dear customers, in order to thank each customer for their long-term support, Globleland has now launched a Rewards Policy.

Please note that all points are only valid for one year (from the day you first place your order).

How to Become a Rewards Plan Member?

----You need to click "Rewards" in the lower left corner of our store page, select "Join Now", and fill in your email information to officially become our member.

How to Earn Points?

  1. Registered member → 200 points
  2. Subscribe to newsletter → 100 points
  3. Place an order → 5 Points for every $1 spent
  4. Follow Us on Instagram → 50 points
  5. Follow Us on TikTok → 50 points
  6. Celebrate a birthday → 200 points(You must enter the date of your birth at least one month before being rewarded)
  7. Send the referral link to your friends or family members, and they will automatically get a $5 coupon (which can use for orders over $25). After they successfully purchase and pay, you will get 500 points.

How to Use Points?

  1. How to redeem points:

When your points reach the points redemption standard, you can click "Ways to redeem" to view the coupons you can redeem.

  1. Points redemption standard

①500 points → $5 coupon (available when the order is over $39)

②900 points → $10 coupon (available when the order is over $69)

③1200 points → $15 coupon (available when the order is over $99 )

④1500 points → $20 coupon (available when the order is over $129)


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